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The San Dieguito River Park
18372 Sycamore Creek Rd.
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: (858) 674-2270
Fax: (858) 674-2280

Excerpts from The Painted Rocks

Rock Art

No one besides the Kumeyaay... 
"knows for sure what the rock art means. But elsewhere in the world, rock art has been linked to the activities of shamans (religious specialists), ritual stories and 
rites of passage."

Animals and Plants

"Three different kinds of rabbits are found around Piedras Pintadas-- jack rabbit, desert cottontail, and brush rabbit. ... The Kumeyaay sometimes held communal rabbit hunts. Half of the group would stretch out across the area... The other half, armed with throwing sticks, would begin walking in a line from the opposite end, singing and scaring the rabbits from their hiding places..."

"'The tastiest acorns are from the black oak trees up in the mountains. ...Even though we have so many other foods, I still like my grandmother's acorn mush, shawii. Once in a while, she grinds up cherry seeds and puts them in, and that's the best!"
-Tom Quahan, Kumeyaay member 
from The Painted Rocks


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