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The San Dieguito River Park
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The Painted Rocks Website

Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or simply a person interested in learning more about San Diego’s rich heritage, The Painted Rocks can serve as a valuable learning tool. Until now, little has been published about the Kumeyaay, a Native American people who have lived in southern San Diego County since well before the first Europeans visited the area.  

This beautifully illustrated book is written to provide children and adults alike with insight into the traditional Kumeyaay way of life. Local anthropological interpreter and experienced archaeologist, Ruth Alter, is the book's author.  Ms. Alter chose a modern setting in which to introduce the reader to the Kumeyaay culture in order to reinforce the understanding that Native Americans are not just people who lived here long ago, but that modern-day Native Americans continue to teach and practice the beliefs and values of their ancestors.

Funds for this book were provided by a grant from the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation and the City of San Diego's San Dieguito River Valley Trust Fund.  All proceeds will be used to further the protection, interpretation, and understanding of the Piedras Pintadas site, a site which serves as a physical link to the past for contemporary Kumeyaay and as a source of wonderment for all people.

Learn about the author, Ruth Alter

Learn about the book's heroine, Cassie

Learn how to make Acorn Pudding

View some other excerpts from "The Painted Rocks"

Thanks for joining us at The Painted Rocks Web site.

To obtain a copy of The Painted Rocks for your personal library go to Get the Painted Rocks!


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