San Dieguito River Park Accomplishments in 1993


        A 95.5-acre parcel of land east of I-5 was acquired by the River Park with $4.95 million of State Park Bond Act (Prop. 70) funding.

        Sikes Adobe was named a State point of Historical Interest by the State Historic Preservation Commission based on an application from the River Park.

        $715,000 Federal grant received for I-15 Undercrossing construction.

        The two-mile long Highland Valley Trail was completed and opened for public use.

        $496,250 State/City of San Diego received for Piedras Pintadas Cultural Resource Management Plan.

        $1,500,000 SANDAG/City of San Diego HWY 56 mitigation fund established for River Park.

        A 11.37 acre parcel of land east of I-15 was acquired by the River Park with HWY 56 mitigation funds.

        4 acres of land in the San Dieguito Lagoon was acquired by the California Department of Fish and Game.