San Dieguito River Park Accomplishments in 1996


        A Grand Jury report concluded that the San Dieguito River Valley JPA should be used as a model for other multi-jurisdictional preservation efforts.

        San Dieguito River Park website established.

        $90,000 State grant received for Boden Canyon land acquisition.

        120 acres of land on Volcan Mountain purchased by County.

        40 acres of land in Boden Canyon purchased by County of San Diego.

        $6,900 donation received from the Diegueno Jr. High School for habitat restoration.

        Two-mile long Piedras Pintadas interpretive trail completed and opened to the public.


  San Dieguito River Park Accomplishments in 1997


        Conceptual San Dieguito Lagoon Wetland Restoration Project approved by California Coastal Commission.

        390-acre Arkansas Canyon property on the eastern slopes of Volcan Mountain was acquired by the River Park.

        $10,000 County grant received for Trail Run and Scout projects.

        $500 and the American Rivers Urban Hometown River Gold Award for Special Achievement in River Stewardship received by the River Park.

        $3,000 grant received from Powerbar for habitat restoration.

        $50,000 SANDAG grant received for I-5 trail design.

        $25,000 River Park Endowment Fund established with the San Diego Foundation