San Dieguito River Park Accomplishments in 2001


·        $11 million was allocated in the State budget (Prop. 13) for purchase of habitat properties in the San Dieguito River corridor.

·        The State Department of Fish and Game adopted the JPA’s recommendations for a Conceptual Area Protection Plan (CAPP) for the San Dieguito River Valley Corridor which qualifies over 8,000 acres for State funding.  

·        $362,608 in grants received from SANDAG and State Parks for construction of the Mule Hill/San Pasqual Trail.

·        Received $500,000 from CALTrans resulting from the Highway 56 Agreement.  The funding was passed on to the City of San Diego to benefit the San Dieguito Lagoon restoration through preservation of 106 acres of land in the Wetland Restoration Project.

·        $95,000 was received from County for construction of the Grand Avenue Bridge interpretive platform and the Strawberry Stand Wetland Learning Center.

·        $10,000 was received from County for the Trail Run and Youth projects.

·        The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy purchased 40 acres of habitat property north of Lake Sutherland and 23 acres on the east side of Farmer’s Road using funding provided by private donations.

·        152 acres of land on Volcan Mountain purchased by County.

·        Received a $3,500 grant from the Association of Environmental Professionals for the River Park Endowment Fund.

·         The River Park was awarded the Trail/Greenway Program Merit Award at the Annual California Trails and Greenway Conference.

·        The River Park was identified as a State Wildlife Corridor linkage by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, the U.S. Geological Survey, the San Diego Zoo, the Nature Conservancy, and the California Wilderness Coalition.

·        The River Park produced a brochure depicting the birds found at Lake Hodges in partnership with the Palomar Audubon Society.

·        The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy prepared an eight-page River Park Brochure with funding from the San Diego Foundation.

·        The Friends of the San Dieguito River Park financed and produced a brochure depicting the birds that are found in the San Dieguito Lagoon.