San Dieguito River Park Accomplishments in 2003


·        Successfully concluded legal challenge to the EIR/EIS for the Wetland Restoration Project with Court decision in favor of the River Park.

·        Established a partnership with the County of San Diego for purchase of  habitat properties.  (Derbas and Habib)

·        Established a partnership with the Trust for Public Lands to help acquire habitat properties.

·        Conserved 193 acres of habitat properties through acquisition by River Park:

Penn (Sycamore Creek, Poway)                                   47

McDonald Trust (Volcan Mt.)                                     146

·        Procured $8,305,000 in State grant funds for property acquisition and projects.

·        Received $5,000 from County for Trail Run and youth projects.

·        Received $30,000 endowment contribution for Crosby Estate link of Coast to Crest Trail in Del Dios Canyon.

·        $1,800 received from a benefit concert, “Songs of the Settlers”, for the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead.

·        Restored Sikes Adobe Farmhouse.  Received CA Preservation Foundation  and the Save Our Heritage Organization awards for outstanding achievement and significant contributions to historic preservation.

·        Established a stewardship program for habitat properties funded through endowment. (Bernardo Mt.- SDRVC endowment of $330,000)

·        Began a partnership with the County Farm Bureau in San Pasqual Valley to provide education on the history and importance of agriculture. 

·        Helped fund and promote two educational videos.  (A Walk in the Park and Lagoons for Lay People)

·        Initiated regional trail connections planning with Poway and the Trans County Trail Joint Agency Planning Committee.

·        The State of California added the San Dieguito River Park Coast to Crest Trail as an official California Trail Corridor in the State Recreational Trails Plan.

·        Partnered with the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy to develop a Geographic Information System.