TRAIL ALERT: Coast To Crest Trail CLOSED at Del Mar Horsepark. Click here for details.

TRAIL ALERT: Temporary Trail Detour between Jimmy Durante Blvd. and the Coast To Crest Trail around San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk. Click here for details.

More than 65 miles of trails of every level are open year-round for day use free of charge. Most trails are open to hikers, bikers, and equestrians. Our backbone multi-use trail – the Coast to Crest Trail – extends from the ocean at Del Mar to the San Dieguito River’s source on Volcan Mountain near Julian. Today, we have about 45 miles of the planned 70 miles of the Coast to Crest Trail completed. In addition, over 20 miles of auxiliary trails within the River Park are open. Auxiliary trails are not part of the Coast to Crest Trail, and may have limited use regulations which will be clearly noted.

Some trails are within City of San Diego or County managed preserves that are part of the larger San Dieguito River Park. Please visit the City’s website for news and information about Gonzales Canyon, Black Mountain, and Clevenger Canyon. Please visit the County’s website for news and information about Lusardi Creek, Del Dios Highlands, Santa Ysabel West and East, and Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserves.

Specific trail alignments will be developed in cooperation with landowners and leaseholders in order to minimize impacts to existing use, such as farming, cattle ranching, and private residences. See the Park’s policy on Private Property Rights Protection.

When our trails get soaked after a rain, we encourage everyone to wait 48 hours before using them to let the trails dry out. Bicycle tires, horse hooves, and even shoes and dog paws can damage the trail tread while it is soft and muddy, and this can cause further erosion during subsequent storms. Thank you.

Park Rules

For your safety and the preservation of sensitive habitat, please observe and obey all posted park regulations on the trails and staging areas. Off-trail activities damage valuable habitat. Repeated violations risk the closure of trail segments. Be familiar with the general Park Rules prior to your visit.

Trail Maps

Use this interactive San Dieguito River Park Google Map to plan your trip.  Click the + or – signs on the lower left corner to zoom in or out. Click on the top left box with an arrow to bring up a menu of all the different parking areas (P symbols), trail segments, and points of interest (arrow pointing to the star symbols). Clicking on an individual parking area, trail segment, or point of interest will bring up more information about it. (For trail segments, you may need to uncheck the Focused Planning Area first.) The Coast to Crest Trail is shown in blue.  Auxiliary trails are shown in orange.  The San Dieguito River Park Focused Planning Area is in purple. Printable trail maps are also available below.

Click here to view the San Dieguito River Park Map in a larger window.

Click on the trail name to download a PDF file of the trail map. Trail maps are typically available free of charge at interpretive kiosks along the trails.

Trail Name Mileage Difficulty Hiking Biking Equestrian Highlights
Coastal Trails
Coast to Crest Trail at San Dieguito Lagoon
(English or Español)
Trailhead Directions
2.20 Easy Yes Yes Limited “Birdwing” Open Air Classroom, Lagoon Views, Birding, Interpretive Walk with QR codes
Crest Canyon Trail
Trailhead Directions
1.15 Easy Yes No No Torrey pines, loop trail, secluded feel, views
Dust Devil Nature Trail
Trailhead Directions
1.70 Easy Yes No No Series of 3 loops, overlooks seasonal ponds
Valley Trails
Coast to Crest Trail at Santa Fe Valley
Trailhead Directions
1.90 Moderate Yes Yes Yes Switchbacks, 7 bridges
Coast to Crest Trail at Del Dios Gorge
Trailhead Directions
2.27 Moderate Yes Yes Yes Bridge over gorge, geology features, Rattlesnake Viewpoint near Dam, Flume
Coast to Crest Trail at North Shore Lake Hodges
Trailhead Directions
7.65 Moderate Yes Yes Yes Great Mountain Bike Trail, Birding, Old Hwy 395
Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail
Trailhead Directions
1.95 Strenuous Yes Yes Yes 360 degree views
Bernardo Mountain Lake View Trail
Trailhead Directions
1.15 Easy/ Moderate Yes Yes Yes lake views
David Kreitzer Lake Hodges
Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge
 – Open 6am to 9pm daily.
Trail Map Location
Trailhead Directions
0.19 Easy Yes Yes No Longest stressed-ribbon bridge in the world
West Bernardo Dr. Bike Path
Trailhead Directions
0.46 Moderate Yes Yes No paved
Piedras Pintadas Trail
Trailhead Directions
2.20 Easy Yes Yes No Interpretive, Green Valley Creek Bridge, seasonal waterfall
Bernardo Bay Trails
Trailhead Directions
1.60 Easy Yes Yes No  loop trails, birding
Highland Valley Trail
Trailhead Directions
2.10 Easy Yes Yes Yes Under the oaks, Children’s Interpretive Walk
Coast to Crest Trail at Mule Hill
Trailhead Directions
1.40 Easy Yes Yes Yes Historic Interpretive, Sikes Adobe
Coast to Crest Trail at San Pasqual Valley
Trailhead Directions
8.85 Moderate Yes Yes Yes Raptor Ridge, agricultural preserve
Foothill Trails
Clevenger Canyon North Trail
Trailhead Directions
2.00 Strenuous Yes No No Views
Clevenger Canyon South Trail
Trailhead Directions
3.60 Strenuous Yes No No Views
Coast to Crest Trail at Lower Santa Ysabel Truck Trail
Trailhead Directions
4.00 Easy/ Moderate Yes Yes Yes Shady
Coast to Crest Trail at Upper Santa Ysabel Truck Trail
Trailhead Directions
6.00 Moderate/ Strenuous Yes  Yes Yes views, Engelmann Oaks, historic Black Canyon Rd. Bridge
Mountain Trails
Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve West
Trailhead Directions
3.88 Strenuous Yes Yes Yes Expansive oak savannah views
Coast to Crest Trail at Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve East
Trailhead Directions
7.40 Strenuous Yes Yes Yes Views from west entry, cattle ranching, two loop trails
Coast to Crest Trail at Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve
Trailhead Directions
2.35 Strenuous Yes Yes Yes Hubbell Gateway, Views
Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve – Five Oaks Trail
Trailhead Directions
1.10 Strenuous Yes No Yes Shaded oak woodland